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Shobhan Biswas

Senior FullStack Developer

Shobhan Biswas

About Me

Greetings! I'm Shobhan, a seasoned Senior Fullstack Developer with over 7 years of Web Dev experience and 3 Years of Professional Experience. I specialize in crafting robust digital solutions and navigating the complex landscape of web development.


Resume Builder

People can build a quick resume with this. They can choose from different Design. Download the Resume as PDF. Change the theme color

ReactGatsbyJavascriptAWS LambdaAWS APIGatewayAWS AmplifyDynamoDBSCSS

Video Sharing App Like Youtube

This is mainly a backend heavy application. I actually created a 13 hours Long course around it. Users will be able to submit different video. Multiple resolution of that video will be created for seamless streaming

NodeJSTypescriptTDDAWS LambdaAWS APIGatewayAWS S3AWS MediaConvertAWS OpenSearch (ElasticSearch)DynamoDBAWS CDK

Quick Chat Application

This is a Quick Chat application. Users can start using the application without login or signup for it. The concept is you create a chatroom, you get a chatroom link. You can share the link with anyone to start chat. Whoever has the link Can join the chatroom. Concept is Similar to Google meet

ReactTypescriptGraphQLAWS AppSyncAWS AmplifyDynamoDBWeb Socket

Survey Form Builder

I really wanted to pursue this as a startup. This is almost similar to google forms but better. You can conditionally set next question using a very simple graphical user interface. You’ll get a final link to share with your audience, and record the responses.

ReactReduxTypescriptAWS LambdaAWS AppSyncAWS CDKDynamoDBTailwindReact Flow

Lamb CLI

This is a NPM package (CLI tool) to build and ship your AWS Lambda code faster. Reduce trips to the aws-console after every minor change. Supports Typescript for lambda

TypescriptnpmcliAws Lambdaesbuild

Moment Distribution Calculator

This is an application specific to a Civil Engineering related Problem. It’s a very special app to me. This is the first app where I had some real user-base



Mar 2022 - Mar 2024

Senior Full Stack Developer, Sennovate Inc

  • Collaborating with ForgeRock and contributing to the development of Sennovate Plus
  • Spearheaded the development of a one-click Gluu Server Installation feature, utilizing AWS CloudFormation, Lambda, SQS, SNS, and other AWS services.
  • Orchestrated the creation of a Security Assessment survey tool to analyze companies' cybersecurity status. (ReactJS, NodeJS)
  • Managed the design and implementation of the Partnership Portal for reseller acceptance and management. (NEXT JS)
Feb 2023 - Jul 2023

Javascript Developer, ForgeRock

  • Appointed as a JavaScript Developer from Sennovate, responsible for building custom connectors to transfer data from HRIS, FreshService, and other applications to Forgerock Cloud.
  • Developed UI components for various authentication screens.
Mar 2021 - Mar 2022

Full Stack Developer, Sennovate Inc

  • Developed and maintained applications for high-profile clients, including Dermalogica, Aera, AAAs, True News and more
  • Led the construction of an employee login and Role-Based Access Control system for Dermalogica, managing both frontend and backend components.(ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS)
  • Implemented authentication and authorisation layers for True News using open-source technologies like Gluu, Kong API Gateway, and WebAuthN.
Oct 2020 - Mar 2021

Software Developer Internship, Sennovate Inc


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